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Champlin Park Chapter

The Champlin Park Chapter of the National Honor Society has 100 members. Each member must maintain a weighted GPA of 3.75, volunteer a minimum of ten hours per trimester, and uphold the four pillars of NHS, Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. Members need a total of 50 hours to letter.

Feed My Starving Children, homework help center, District STEM Fair, Oxbow Park Clean-up, Dayton Elem. Kindness Retreat, Oxbow Creek Elem. Holiday Gift Shop are among the many opportunities our members volunteer at.

Last year our chapter volunteered over 3100 hours.

Top 10 EXPECTATIONS for NHS members

1. Be knowledgeable of the rules and major events of the chapter.
2. Know who is in charge of the events and activities of the chapter.
3. Be on time to events and meetings.
4. Be proactive in things concerning your position and membership in NHS.
5. Communicate with chapter members and officers and always CC the advisors.
6. Be a leader at all times-on and off campus. Others are watching what you say and do (tardies, class cuts, inappropriate activities, etc., set a bad example).
7. Be a role model for all students at your school, as you represent NHS.
8. Volunteer often to help your fellow officers and the advisors with chapter events and paperwork.
9. Respect NHS, the school's faculty, staff, and students at all times.
10. Be creative and have a giving heart. Always remember to "do the right thing".